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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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SAS SMission Statement

For nearly three decades, SAS has shared a common motivation with colleges and universities – the burning desire to know more. With deep roots in higher education, software from SAS yields knowledge by transforming raw data into real insight. In fact, it was the quest to learn more that fueled SAS’ inception in 1976 as SAS was originally developed at North Carolina State University to analyze agricultural data.

SAS remains true to its roots with a continuous commitment to excellence in higher education and extends this commitment through the SAS Day hosted by the University of California, Irvine. The University of California (UC) system has a system-wide license called the Academic Premier Program (APP) and as a part of the APP, SAS provides one SAS Day per year for all campuses within the UC system. The SAS Day has two primary missions:

  • Most importantly, the SAS Day is an opportunity for SAS to express its appreciation to the UC system and to forge new relationships and strengthen existing relationships with these institutions.
  • The SAS Day also provides an opportunity to foster the use of SAS solutions within the UC system on both the academic (i.e. teaching and research) and the administrative sides of the campus.

For the academic side of the institution, the SAS Day allows students, staff, faculty and researchers to gain first-hand exposure to SAS. SAS consistently finds that individuals in academia, through their feedback, consulting, and participation in focus groups, etc., are SAS’ most insightful and valued technology development partners. In addition, individuals in the academic community have the highly significant opportunity to train the next generation of SAS users, equipping them with the skills to be successful as they continue to pursue academic endeavors and enter the workforce.

For the administrative side of the institution, the SAS Day serves as an opportunity for attendees to learn more about how SAS serves as a viable technology partner to allow institutions to understand their constituents and the functional business units within the organization. Goals within this mission are to:

  • Gain knowledge of the institutions’ administrative systems so that SAS Day offerings reflect the initiatives that drive their decision making as identified through discussions with the institutions, participation with higher education professional organizations (e.g. EDUCAUSE, NACUBO, CUPA-HR) and the SAS grant program.
  • Showcase solutions and support the development of solutions specific to the initiatives of the institutions.

By aligning SAS solutions with the needs of campus, a SAS Day can provide a means for helping institutions develop strategies for achieving teaching, research and administrative goals as well as foster the growth of SAS skills within the institution. For more information about SAS offerings in higher education, please visit

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